August 07, 2011

Alice-Miranda featured in this month’s Girl Power and Total Girl Magazines

Hello Friends,

I am so excited – today is the official launch of Alice-Miranda At Sea and I can’t wait to meet everyone. We’re heading off on a ship on Sydney Harbour at 2.30pm and it’s going to be amazing (but the tickets are all sold out so please don’t come unless you have a booking – I would hate to disappoint anyone). I wanted to let you know that I was reading Girl Power the other day and was surprised to see my stories and my best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey featured inside – and on the back cover. We are also featured in Total Girl but it’s mostly a story by Jacqueline about how to write stories – she’s been teaching me and I hope to have some exciting news about that soon. I will post some photographs after the launch. Have a great day!

Alice-Miranda xx



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