Willa and Woof: Wedding Rescue

Willa and Woof: Wedding Rescue

Adventure, imagination and loads of fun.

Summer has arrived and Willa’s excited–it’s time for Aunty Jane’s wedding!

But December means it’s bushfire season too and Willa’s town is in danger. When a spot fire burns down the wedding venue, she has to jump into action to save the day.

She’ll need to enlist the help of some of Sunset Views retirement village’s most talented residents(along with Tae, her best same-age friend; her trusty sidekick Woof; and Frank, her best old-age friend) to pull everything together.

Can Willa find a way to rescue the wedding?

Book Reviews - Book Number 4

“Early readers will enjoy the way Willa solves problems and her relationship with her best friend Tae. There are lots of positive messages in the book, especially her ability to think about how other people may feel as well as dealing with a bully.”

“Willa and Woof continues to be a wonderful series of books, involving family and friends and Willa as they come together for each adventure.”


“Harvey has captured the black-and-white, do-or-die world of eight-year-olds well. What to an adult may seem trivial, young ones seem as really important and they don’t yet have the world experience that enables them to prioritise so the possibility of the“world” knowing about her crush on a particular boy is as devastating as what might happen to the koalas. Robbie has her over a barrel. And so whether she is able to rescue the wedding remains to be seen…”