Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor

August 25, 2012

Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor

Hello Friends,
I am so excited that my new friend, Clementine Rose has had her first adventure listed on the Get Reading Program for 2012.  The book is officially out in the shops next Saturday! This is what the Get Reading catalogue says about Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor.

Clementine Rose lives in Penberthy Floss in a large,ramshackle house with her mother, Lady Clarissa, butler Digby Pertwhistle and a very sweet little teacup pig called Lavender. When her scary Aunt Violet arrives unexpectedly, the household is thrown into disarray. What is it that Aunt Violet really wants and what is she carrying in her mysterious black bag? If you loved Enid Blyton when you were growing  up, your little girl will love Clementine Rose.
Recommended for children age 5+





I hope you love her adventures as much as I do!
Have a great week,
Alice-Miranda xoxo




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