Eton House School Singapore

March 08, 2013

Eton House School Singapore

I had a great time visiting Eton House school.  The children were enthusiastic and the teachers laughed in all the right places.  The school is much smaller than some of the international schools I’ve visited this week.  In a tree lined suburban street, surrounded by lovely homes, the school boasts a great diversity of students from all over the world.  They had recently participated in ArtExpress – not the Australian HSC exhibition but their own creative time, where the children produced their own art works.

I talked with the P-2 children in the first session and then to the 3-6 students.  The only small challenge was that in the hall, although there was cross ventilation, there was no airconditioning and so if I look a little warm in the photos, I was.  Apparently the AC is coming soon 🙂  I’m sure that the locals get quite used to the humidity but I really struggled.

I signed lots of books for the children and hope that Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose have found themselves some more new friends at Eton House.

Cheryle took me to a great little sandwich shop for lunch.  Nearby in one of the smaller shopping strips it was nice to be out of the giant malls.

After lunch we headed back into the city and I took some more photos of the incredible Marina Bay Sands resort which looks like a ship sailing into the city – albeit from many storeys up.



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