May 16, 2014

Abbotsleigh Literary Festival

Event Details

9.00-12.00pm Palmer Library, Abbotsleigh Junior School, 22 Woonona Ave, Wahroonga NSW Thursday, 06 March, 2014 $50.00

Child’s Play: Writing for Children

Do you dream of writing bestselling books for children? Do you love coming up with stories you believe that children would love to read? Do you want to understand the complexities of the market and how to go about getting published?

During this three hour workshop, bestselling author Jacqueline Harvey will guide participants through a practical look at writing for children including critical skills and knowledge, understanding the market, finding your voice, refining and improving your work and how to approach publishers.

This workshop for adults aims to give those who are keen to write for children a realistic view of what’s involved from getting started to getting published and what happens after that. A series of activities will give budding writers opportunities to explore style, voice and other key elements of writing for children as well demystifying the publishing process.

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