Hello from not so sunny England!

June 08, 2012

Hello from not so sunny England!

Hello Friends,
I must apologise for my infrequent posts in the past couple of months.  You see my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey and I have been travelling all over the place talking to children in the United States and United Kingdom about my adventures.  Jacqueline has been writing a very big blog about our adventures. Can you believe that we met over 6500 children!  We visited 37 schools; 24 in America and 13 in England.  At the moment Jacqueline and I are busy working on a new adventure.  We are staying in a very pretty place in England called Oswestry, right near the Welsh borders.
I have exciting news too.  My new story, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way will be launched in Australia 1 August this year.  For my new friends in England, Alice-Miranda On Holiday will be out on the same date there.  And in other very exciting news, Jacqueline has a new series about a lovely little girl (who I actually haven’t met yet, but I suspect I will quite soon) called Clementine Rose and her first adventure, Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor will be in the shops in Australia 1 September.
If you would like to take a peek at our travels in the US and UK, please click the link here http://jacquelineharvey.blogspot.com/  and you will go to Jacqueline’s other blog.
I have to say that the weather here in England is rather chilly at the moment.  It’s summer and I think today the top temperature was only about 14 degrees celsius.  I hope we see some sunshine soon as there’s only another week and a bit before we go to Paris, France!
I will try my best to blog more regularly but until we get home, it could be tricky.
Bye for now and lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx



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