September 08, 2012

Meet Clementine Rose – my first ever book trailer!

This week the lovely team from Random House Australia sent me the book trailer for Clementine Rose.  I LOVE it – the music, which I know Sarana and the team spent ages selecting, is simply perfect and the trailer is adorable.  I love that Lavender does loops jumping on Clemmie’s bed too and if you don’t see if the first time, have a look at the portrait on the top of the stairs and what happens to Aunt Violet’s glasses.

Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor has debuted this week in the Random House Australia top ten YA and Children’s books at number six – a huge thrill and particularly when Alice-Miranda Shows the Way is in there at number four.  To have both my girls in the one list is amazing.

I also had a beautiful email from a woman who has just named her baby girl, Clementine Rose (before the series was launched, so just a lovely coincidence).  To top things off there was a great review for the first Clementine Rose book in Magpies magazine (which I’m always a little afraid of  as they can be tough!).

Anyway, this post has to be short and sweet as I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and am way behind on a deadline for Alice-Miranda In Paris.  Hope you enjoy the trailer!



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