My day at United World College Dover Campus with Year 3

March 06, 2013

My day at United World College Dover Campus with Year 3

This morning, Cheryle from Bookaburra picked me up from the hotel and we travelled in the opposite direction to yesterday, on our way to United World College Dover Campus.  Once again I was bemused to see workmen travelling in the back of open trucks – apparently it’s a regular occurance here, which is surprising given how many rules and regulations there are in Singapore.  The freeways seem relatively safe but still – one swerve and that’s a lot of bodies all over the road.

United World College is enormous.  You have to check in – with photo id, after which Cheryle proceeded into the large undercover carpark.  We went up several floors to get to the library where we were greeted by Pamela Males, the Junior School Librarian.  I would be speaking with 4 groups of Grade 3 students combining a total of 7 classes throughout the day.

The library is large and well equipped.  I got set up and waited to meet the first group.  The children at UWC come from all over the world but when I asked, there did seem to be more English children than from anywhere else and there are very few Australians.  There were a lot of English and New Zealand teachers and I only met two Aussies on staff.  It seems that international schools tend to go through periods of employing people from similar parts of the world.

The first group of students was very enthusiastic and during the drama activity the little boy who played Mr Sparks was a champion snorer and remained in character the whole time. The little girl who acted the part of Jacinta when she first meets Alice-Miranda just about screamed the school down too.  I think she loved that she was allowed to scream in the library!

During morning tea I met some of the teachers in the staff room, which is very conveniently located off the library.  There was another session before lunch and two sessions afterwards.  The children were so responsive and I loved meeting them and their teachers.  UWC has a great atmosphere and I hope to get back there again later in the year.  In the last session I met a little boy who was so bright and confident – his greeting made my day.  He acted the part of Mr Sparks and did a great job at it.

Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose are really just starting their journey in Singapore, so I hope they make lots of new friends over the coming weeks and months.  I’m fairly certain they made a lot of new friends today.  I know I certainly did.



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