Paris – a post script

July 22, 2012

Paris – a post script

A couple of days ago I was at work and received an email from a colleague who I have done some videoconferencing with.  We have never met in person.  Lynette wrote the following:

‘I wanted to tell you I was recently holidaying in Paris, and I visited the famous Shakespeare & Co Bookshop in the Latin Corner. I was perusing the children’s book area, and low-and-behold, there you were…two books signed by yourself.


I was excited for you to have TWO books in this globally well-known library/bookstore, and wanted to send my congratulations!’
Never for a moment when Ian and I left those 7 signed books in the store, did I imagine that someone from Australia – who knew me – would see them.  And if there were only 2 I hope that means Shakespeare & Co have sold the other 5.
So while my experience of leaving the books there was not quite the lovely moment I had imagined it to be, this email from Lynette made me realise that it was indeed a great thing to do – and once again the world really is a small place!




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