March 11, 2012

Queenwood, Seaforth and Pages and Pages

Hello Friends,
Last week Jacqueline Harvey and I visited the gorgeous girls at Queenwood and then headed over to Seaforth Public School.  It was wonderful to see so many friends and I’m constantly surprised by how many of you can remember my full name and the names of lots of the characters in the books.  At Seaforth, the librarian Mr Kel Cowling had read Alice-Miranda At School to most of the school I think and it was wonderful to see so many of the boys asking and answering questions and buying books too.  It’s sometimes hard to convince boys that my stories are great for them too – just because I’m on the cover doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of adventures they’ll love.  I think Jacqueline Harvey signed lots of books that day.  We headed over to Pages and Pages at Mosman after that and there was another crowd there to meet us.  It was a fantastic day!  Jacqueline has been working on her new series about a little girl called Clementine Rose Appleby this week.  Clemmie lives in Penberthy Floss close to where my home, Highton Hall is.  Our village is called Highton Mill and Penberthy Floss is right next door.  I haven’t met Clementine yet but one of her best friends is Poppy Bauer who lives on our farm.  I hope I get to catch up with her soon – when I’m home from school next perhaps.
Yesterday Jacqueline and I went to Kids’ Book Review at St Ives and we met a great crowd of friends.  Jacqueline also got to spend time with Olivia who won the Junior section of the Frustrated Writers’ Mentoring competition for the Children’s Book Council last year.  Olivia is a very talented young writer and she and Jacqueline had a great chat about her work and what she could do to improve her story over a giant milkshake and the most enormous chocolate muffin I’ve ever seen.
Tomorrow we are going to Queensland to visit children in Brisbane and then to the Gold Coast for the Somerset Festival.  I’ll have lots more to report at the end of the week.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox



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