Silverdell Bookshop events, Lancashire

February 10, 2013

Silverdell Bookshop events, Lancashire

Today we met the lovely Elaine from Silverdell Books at Kirkham.  She drove us to the first event at Broughton Business and Enterprise College, where Jo Harwood, librarian extraordinaire had coordinated a group of primary schools to come along and hear about Alice-Miranda and her adventures. As the girls walked into the library, I noticed one student talking very animatedly about Alice-Miranda.  Her name was Zara and she was already a big Alice-Miranda fan (which was heartwarming to say the least).  The girls were very attentive and enthusiastic and I had a great time talking to them, answering their questions and meeting them afterwards to sign books and postcards.

Elaine then drove us through some very pretty villages to her shop in Kirkham, which is bookshop, ice cream parlour and coffee shop all in one.  We were treated to lunch and then of course there was ice cream – home made.  Ian had the Kirkham Crunch and I had a little taste – it is delicious.  Eaine is also a local councillor, so has a huge amount on her plate running a small business and working for the community – which I’m sure can be a thankless task at times.

We then drove through more rolling countryside and quaint villages to Baines High School, where the lovely librarian, Anne Woodworth had coordinated another group of local primary schools to visit.  The library was very modern and beautifully presented and the girls were as terrific as the morning students.  I’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm, good manners and delight that the children I’ve met seem to get from stories and books.  Who said that reading was dead!

It was lovely to talk to the children afterwards as I signed their books – although it was a little bit rushed as they had to be back at school for the end of the day.  Elaine then drove Stephie to the station where we said farewell until the end of next week.  Charlotte is taking over the reins in Glasgow at the beginning of next week.  It was sad to see Stephie go – we have had such a great time.  Elaine then drove us back to the hotel where we said our goodbyes and vowed to be back again at the end of October.  I can’t wait to work with her again.

After such an exciting week, Ian and I thought we’d have an early night.  But 8pm?  We’re really getting old!  We must have needed the sleep.



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