Singapore October Tour – Day 1 Australian International School

October 23, 2013

Singapore October Tour – Day 1 Australian International School

I arrived in Singapore last night after a smooth flight  – definitely the type I like the best.  Cheryle Hum from Bookaburra picked me up at the airport which was incredibly kind – particularly as I arrived at 10pm.  It wasn’t quite as much of a shock walking out of the airconditioning into the humidity as the first time we were here in February, and it probably helped that I came from hot Australia and not chilly London.

When I arrived at the hotel there was a beautiful basket of flowers, chocolates and cheese in my room from RHA – so thoughtful and a lovely welcome.

I think I got to bed about 3.30am Sydney time suffice to say that I’m a little bit tired tonight and writing a blog post rather than working on the last couple of thousand words of Clementine Rose and the Treasure Box.

It was an early start too, not wanting to risk getting caught in the traffic.  I headed off at 7.30am to AIS Singapore.  It’s a huge school and a great success story as they celebrate 20 years this year.  Jo Anne Ward is the lovely Primary Teacher librarian who looked after me as I worked with students from Year 3-5 in three separate workshops.  The library display was amazing – last time I was here it was incredible too thanks to the brilliance of Library Assistant Carole Gillon.  I certainly felt very welcome.  I also met the Head of Library, Linda Twitchett.  It’s a fabulous team.

I had a terific time with the students.  Lots of enthusiastic writers with great ideas.  Many of them come from Australia although I’m sure there are numerous other countries represented.  It’s funny when you ask some of the kids where they come from in Australia they can’t remember as they left when they were very young.  One little girl told me she was from Sydney, somewhere in the country, around New South Wales 🙂  This expat life is an interesting one and certainly there are teachers who come up here and stay on forever.  It seems there is a fabulous community spirit and lots of opportunities for fellow Aussies to get together on a regular basis.

This afternoon I caught up with Chris and Maria from Avondale International Grammar School.  It was lovely to see Chris again and meet Maria for the first time and I’m looking forward to spending time at Avondale again next year.



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