Alice-Miranda in Japan

January 29, 2014

Welcome to Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale – Class Lists are up for 2014

Hello Friends, I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday.  I’ve just been to Japan and I can’t wait for you to read all about it. I’m so glad to be heading back to school and…

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October 21, 2013

Sneak Peek at my next adventure – Alice-Miranda In Japan

Hello Friends, I couldn’t wait to share the beautiful new cover for my next adventure, Alice-Miranda in Japan which will be released in Australia 1 February 2014.  I think it’s gorgeous.  We had such a great time…

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August 04, 2013

May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Creative Time Residency Days 17 and 18

Wednesday proved a highly productive writing day with over 3000 words added to the manuscript.  It’s been wonderful having Ian here with me and he has been reading furiously to give me feedback on how…

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