Rockhampton Regional Libraries Off the Shelf Festival 2019

Our visiting students, teachers and library staff greatly enjoyed Jacqueline’s presentations during the Festival. Her adaptability, great sense of humour and professionalism shone through the various workshops that she delivered and were lively and student-centred. We have had terrific feedback from students and families who joined the library service as a result of her passion for writing and libraries.

Claremont College 2019

Jacqueline Harvey visited our school (Claremont College) to give up us an inspiring talk about her most humorous memories and to introduce us to her latest book series Kensy and Max. We really enjoyed listening to her talk and are so excited to get our hands on a Kensy and Max book. Jacqueline is also the author of the books Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose. We hope she comes to our school again soon.

Emma and Amy

Year Six students

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Concord – August 2018

Jacqueline was kind enough to do four sessions for our school which was very generous of her. I watched all sessions and they were all wonderful. She was amazing from start to finish. She engaged all ages of her audience and there were no behavior issues because she was so entertaining. She was funny and animated and simply a delight. The comments from the students after the performance were all positive. Best speaker I have ever booked.