Epping Public School 2021

I think Jacqueline was very funny, and I loved her story about Robbie! She was honestly so fun, and it was exciting getting to meet one of Australia’s best-known authors!” – Sarah Year 6

I really liked seeing Jacqueline. She is very loved amongst EPD students. I also enjoyed all of the funny stories she had to share with us. All of them made me smile in lockdown. I haven’t read any of her books and now I am inspired to read some of them. I can tell she is a very hard working author and I love that. I can’t wait to see her again and I am sure that next time I see her I will have a blast. Maya Year 5

It was such a treat for Jacqueline Harvey to be able to visit our school virtually. Her books are some of our most borrowed books and our students are always excited when new books in her series are released. It was a dream come true for many of my students to be able to meet her. We all enjoyed hearing her hilarious tales from her time as a teacher. The students loves hearing about Jacqueline’s favourite elements to include in stories and felt very inspired. I look forward to hosting her again in the future. Angela Teacher Librarian

Northpine Christian College Brisbane 2021

Loved the presentation. Great speaker. Loved the explanations of where ideas for characters come from. Jacqueline kept the students entertained and wanting to hear more. Michelle Year 3 Teacher 

It was wonderful. I love all your stories and can’t wait for the new Kensy and Max book! Paityn – Year 3

It was amazing. Jacqueline is the funniest woman ever. I loved meeting her and I hope she can visit again. Her jokes were so funny. Faith – Year 3 

I enjoyed it a lot because her jokes and the back stories of the books were amazing! I think she is the best author ever! I just can’t describe how amazing her books are. My favourite books are the Alice-Miranda series. Thomas – Year 3

We all thoroughly enjoyed our author visit by Jacqueline. The students and staff laughed at the stories of some funny characters in her life and loved hearing about her books, including all the forthcoming ones! We all can’t wait to read them and look forward to Jacqueline visiting our school again in the future. She is a very lovely lady and extremely talented author and speaker who had the students fully engaged and talking about the visit for weeks. Kim – Librarian

St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School Brisbane 2021

The greatest author visit EVER!  Myla, Year 3

We LOVED listening to Jacqueline’s stories, especially the ones about when she was a teacher. Ivy, Year 3

We had the best fun with Jacqueline. Mannix, Year 3

Jacqueline Harvey is an inspiration for young students who want to become authors. Bonnie, Year 3

Jacqueline tells the funniest stories – we were all cackling.  Arabella, Year 3

An inspiring and humorous author who brings light and laughter to any school she visits. Louis, Year 3

Jacqueline Harvey entranced our Year 2-6 cohort for over an hour. Her humour, warmth and enthusiasm echoed throughout her presentation. So many teachers commented about what a fantastic presenter Jacqueline was and both students and staff were laughing out loud at her animated stories about her life as a teacher before becoming an author.  Thank you Jacqueline for sharing not only your wonderful books with us but for also sharing your passion, joy and creativity related to writing and the writing process. We can’t wait for your new books to be released and will be looking forward to you visiting again sooner rather than later. Jo Noble Teacher Librarian

Trinity Grammar School Sydney 2021

Jacqueline came and spoke to the boys in Years 3-6 for our term 1 author visit. She was an excellent presenter that had the boys hooked on every word she said from the moment they walked it. The stories that she shared with them were not only entertaining, but demonstrated to the students how they could include suspense into both their oral storytelling and written stories. Our boys were very excited to start reading the Kensy & Max series during the upcoming school holidays. – Mrs Abigail Nel

When Jacqueline was talking, she spoke about all the things that happened when she was young, what happened when she was a teacher and what she is doing now as an author. My favorite part was when Jacqueline was talking about her as a teacher and she had this crazy kid in her class named Robbie. The characters she spoke about that were in her books are Kensy, Max, Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose. I liked how Alice Miranda travels around the world, Clementine Rose has a cute pet pig named Lavender. I would like to read Jacqueline’s Alice Miranda’s Trip To Egypt because I thought it was hilarious when she talked about that there was a person who was the top agent of a spy group but then he got exposed. – August, Year 4

Writing for Children Course Writing NSW November 2019

Jacqueline was both inspiring and instructive – she covered an enormous amount of material and shows us what hard work gives. 

Jacqueline was informative and frank. There is no room for sugar coating in this industry. It was refreshing to hear it like it is. 

Rockhampton Regional Libraries Off the Shelf Festival 2019

Our visiting students, teachers and library staff greatly enjoyed Jacqueline’s presentations during the Festival. Her adaptability, great sense of humour and professionalism shone through the various workshops that she delivered and were lively and student-centred. We have had terrific feedback from students and families who joined the library service as a result of her passion for writing and libraries.

Claremont College 2019

Jacqueline Harvey visited our school (Claremont College) to give up us an inspiring talk about her most humorous memories and to introduce us to her latest book series Kensy and Max. We really enjoyed listening to her talk and are so excited to get our hands on a Kensy and Max book. Jacqueline is also the author of the books Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose. We hope she comes to our school again soon.

Emma and Amy

Year Six students

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Concord – August 2018

Jacqueline was kind enough to do four sessions for our school which was very generous of her. I watched all sessions and they were all wonderful. She was amazing from start to finish. She engaged all ages of her audience and there were no behavior issues because she was so entertaining. She was funny and animated and simply a delight. The comments from the students after the performance were all positive. Best speaker I have ever booked.