Two releases in one day and two months to go!

September 01, 2012

Two releases in one day and two months to go!

Today marks the release of two books for me.  In Australia, Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor is officially in stores.  I’m really excited about Clemmie’s launch into the world and I hope that little girls love her as much as I adore writing her stories.  She’s quirky and funny and has a tea cup pig – what’s not to like a about a pet pig called Lavender!  I’m thrilled too that Clementine is on the Get Reading Program – which is a promotion that happens throughout September, encouraging Australians to do just that, and get reading.  It’s wonderful to have that level of promotion, particularly for a new series.
In the UK, Alice-Miranda On Holiday is officially out today too (although today, means Friday 31 August).  I’m excited that the series is getting a foothold in the market there and Random House UK will release two more books simultaneously in February.  It’s hard to know how things will go when you are across the other side of the world, but I will certainly tour the UK again sometime next year as I think being there and being able to talk to your potential audiences is so important.

I’ve got two months until I finish up at Abbotsleigh as Director of Development.  Yesterday we ran a new event for our parents and friends; a corporate sports lunch in the city at The Establishment.  I was really anxious about this one, but it was fantastic.  We were so fortunate to have Rebecca Wilson as the MC (she is wonderful – and was a brilliant MC) and Ellyse Perry, Rod Kafer, Jason Ball and Laurie Daley on the panel.  They were all engaging and professional and the feedback has been amazing.  Not to mention a whole table of Olympians including Dan Noonan from the men’s rowing four who brought along his bronze medal too!  I know I’ll miss the community of the school – there are so many things I love about being there, but Alice-Miranda and Clemmie need me and so, I am really looking forward to being able to give them my full attention.



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