World Book Day and Other Book News

April 08, 2014

World Book Day and Other Book News

Hello Friends,

I thought I’d tell you about World Book Day which was held on the 6th March this year.  It’s not really celebrated in Australia but is a BIG DEAL in the United Kingdom.  I was so thrilled to receive photographs of girls and teachers who dressed up as me and Clementine Rose and Lavender too!  My first friend is Aoibheann. She’s 7 years old and lives in Dublin. Her father told my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey that she had planned on dressing as Alice Miranda on World Book Day for months.

Doesn’t she look amazing.  Now you might wonder how you pronounce her name.  It’s Irish and it’s actually pronounced Ay-veen.  There are lots of other beautiful names in Irish which I find hard to work out how to pronounce until I get some help – like Siohban which is Sha-vorn or Aisling which is Ashling.  They’re all beautiful names aren’t they.

My other friends are from one of my favourite schools in England – The Royal Masonic School for Girls, Cadogan House.  Lavender is Mrs Drummond and her assistant Elaine is Clementine Rose and one of the beautiful girls is Alice-Miranda.  Don’t they look amazing too.

The other exciting thing that happened on World Book Day is that my best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey had recorded an interview with Hannah from the Book Show on Radio Europe back in November and it aired on World Book Day.  When she can figure out how to make the clip small enough she’ll link it here!




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